What is NEOS?

NEOS is a consortium of government, health, college and university libraries that cooperate to share library resources, technology, collections and people.


Sharing resources and knowledge to empower people.

Mission Statement:

NEOS is a library consortium that supports members’ clients in a cost-effective manner through the sharing of people, technology, and collections.


We embrace innovative solutions for the enhancement of access and client services.

We collaborate to share our resources, our ideas, our expertise, and our knowledge to deliver quality services to our clients.

We are responsible to member libraries, their clients and home institutions for our decisions and actions.

We reach equitable decisions through open and respectful discussions aimed at maximum benefits for our clients.

We promote the benefits of cooperation and resource sharing to member institutions and the broader community.

We base all our interactions, internally and externally, on mutual trust and ethical behaviour.

We value diversity and equity among our users, staff and member libraries, and respond with equity.

What can NEOS do for me?

Staff, students and faculty of any NEOS member library may borrow from other NEOS libraries. Books, serials, and select videos belonging to NEOS libraries, including those of the University of Alberta, are listed in the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue.

What is the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue?

The NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue is the online library catalogue that you search when you visit any of the NEOS member libraries.

How do I request a book that I want from another NEOS library?

When you find a book that you want from another NEOS library, you may request the book yourself using the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue request feature, or go to the Circulation Desk and ask that the book be requested for you. If the book is available, it will be sent to the NEOS library you choose as your pickup location.

Can I go to another NEOS library and borrow books?

Yes! Just show your valid NEOS library card and, provided you are in good standing, you will be able to borrow books on site at any NEOS library. There are some exceptions. Please contact individual NEOS libraries for details.