2020 Miniconference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NEOS Miniconference 2020 moved online!


10/10, Would Recommend: the Articulate 360 Experience

Lorisia MacLeod, The Alberta Library, and Ngina Wa Kaai, NorQuest College 

Articulate 360 suite has given a new way to create engaging online teaching materials, this presentation will include: a walk-through of the different products, an in-depth explanation of NorQuest’s experience using the suite, including a show-and-tell of the products they have made, and what the future is with the software. For the session materials see bit.ly/tenoutofneos 

Revisioning the Possible: Aligning Blended IL Instruction with Principles of Evidence-Based Practice for Meaningful Nursing Instruction

Jody Nelson Ali Foster and Mary Asirifi, MacEwan University

To address a disconnect between IL competencies and core Evidence-Based Practice skills in Nursing, librarians collaborated with course instructors on a revisioned blended IL intervention, from a disciplinary framework. This session will discuss the preliminary results of a SoTL assessment study, the revisioning process, and how feedback informed program redesign.

A Call to Action: How Knowledge Resource Service (KRS) Is Supporting Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lauren Seal, Nicole Loroff and Rachel Zhao, Alberta Health Services

We will discuss Knowledge Resource Service’s (KRS) role in providing rapid COVID-19 research support for Alberta Health Services (AHS). We will go through our process of addressing COVID-19 requests: the difficulty of searching for new yet rapidly developing information, performing quality research within tight timelines, our creation and use of unvalidated search filters, and discuss various COVID-19 resources, in particular, Knowledge Resource Service’s Timely Topics guide on COVID-19.

Copyright anxiety and chill: Is it really a problem?

Céline Gareau-Brennan and Amanda Wakaruk, University of Alberta

Canadian copyright law is intentionally flexible, which can create confusion, anxiety, and chill. Having observed these frustrations first-hand, Amanda Wakaruk and Céline Gareau-Brennan will present a draft Copyright Anxiety Scale to help better quantify and examine this phenomenon as well as explore implications for both creators and users of copyright-protected works. 

Intellectual Freedom, Academic Freedom, and Power

Sam Popowich, University of Alberta

This presentation will offer a critique of intellectual and academic freedom supported by concrete examples drawn from recent experiences in public and academic libraries.

Cataloguing with BIBFRAME: A Workshop

Ian Bigelow and Abigail Sparling, University of Alberta

UAL is taking steps towards the complete conversion of existing library data to linked open data, with cataloguing teams moving to BIBFRAME.  This workshop will start with an introduction to the Linked Data for Production Cohort (LD4P Cohort) and Share Virtual Discovery Environment (Share-VDE) projects.  We will then take time for a hands on walkthrough of Sinopia, our new BIBFRAME cataloguing editor, using the description of NEOS resources to highlight key functions. 

Speaker Biographies

Mary Asirifi is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, MacEwan University, and her PhD and Master’s research projects are related to nursing education. Mary’s PhD research used a community-based participatory action research design to collaborate with stakeholders of nursing education in Ghana to identify issues, plan and develop a collaborative vision and strategies for more effective implementation of clinical teaching and learning approaches for nursing education. Her MN thesis project employed focused ethnography to explore the beliefs and values of preceptorship in the Ghanaian context, and she has publications from both MN and PhD thesis projects.

Ian Bigelow is the Head of Cataloguing Strategies at the University of Alberta Library (UAL). He completed his MLIS at Western University and has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and classical studies.  He is currently a member of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing, Canadian BIBFRAME Readiness Task Force, Share VDE Advisory Council, Share VDE Sapientia Entity Identification Working Group, Linked Data for Production (LD4P) Profiles Working/Affinity Group, and PCC Linked Data Advisory Committee. Ian is also the UAL PI for the LD4P Cohort..

Ali Foster is a Librarian at MacEwan University, holding a BEd from Queen’s University as well as an MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. In addition to her work in instructional design to support online information literacy skills development, Ali is the subject librarian for the Department of Psychology as well as the Department of Psychiatric Nursing, delivering information literacy instruction to undergraduate students on topics such as research methods, effective database searching, and meaningful research question development.

Céline Gareau-Brennan is a francophone librarian at the Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta. Through her work in both academic and public libraries, as well as her graduate studies (a combined MBA and MLIS), she developed an awareness and passion for copyright literacy as well as outreach, assessment, and digital literacy.

Ngina wa Kaai is the Student Engagement Librarian at NorQuest College. Her role focuses on working with non-academic groups on campus to support them in student-focused events and initiatives. Additionally, Ngina liaises with two program areas within the College.

Nicole Loroff, Rachel Zhao, and Lauren Seal are Librarians with Knowledge Resource Service (Alberta Health Services) located across the province of Alberta. They support the information and educational needs of AHS health care providers and patients through the provision of evidence-based research and instruction services.

Lorisia MacLeod is the Online Reference Centre (ORC) Coordinator for The Alberta Library and a proud member of the James Smith Cree Nation. Her areas of interest include instruction, comics, open access, and 3D printing.

Jody Nelson is the Nursing Subject Librarian at MacEwan University. During her 6 years as academic librarian at MacEwan, she has been involved in information literacy instruction on effective database searches, developing online information literacy tutorials, and presenting on online tutorial development, online learner motivation, and blended library instruction. Jody holds an MA from Carleton University and an MLIS from the University of Alberta.

Sam Popowichis the Head, Discovery and Web Services at University of Alberta. He is currently doing a PhD in Political Science on the topic of intellectual freedom and libraries.

Abigail Sparling is the Serials Metadata Librarian at the University of Alberta Library. Abigail is passionate about leveraging technology to improve resource description, management and discovery, which she explores in her work as a certified Library Carpentry Instructor and as co-chair of the ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group. Since 2017 Abigail has been an active member of the BIBFRAME community, and currently sits on the Share VDE Advisory Council and Cluster Knowledgebase Working Group, and the LD4P Serials Affinity Group.

Amanda Wakaruk (MLIS, MES) is the copyright librarian at the University of Alberta. In addition to developing copyright literacy programming, she continues to advocate for the long-overdue reform of Canada’s approach to Crown copyright. Amanda is also a lead content contributor on a multi-year project to develop OER copyright literacy instructional modules, found at https://sites.library.ualberta.ca/copyright/.S