Prospective Members

The NEOS Library Consortium welcomes inquiries from libraries interested in NEOS membership.

As a condition of membership, all member libraries embrace the vision, mission and values of NEOS. This includes:

  • Providing transparent online public catalogue access using Z39.50 technology or equivalent.
  • Providing reciprocal access to collections, which includes onsite borrowing privileges.
  • Providing priority document delivery services at a preferred rate and speed as defined by NEOS policies.
  • Participating in the NEOS-wide distribution service.
  • Complying with all technological requirements determined by the Consortium and/or the University of Alberta.
  • Demonstrating the availability of sufficient qualified staff to ensure that service commitments within NEOS can be fulfilled.
  • Actively participating in the activities and work of the Consortium.
  • Paying appropriate fees, following a formula approved by Member Libraries.
  • Sharing the integrated library system, and as a minimum, fully implement the cataloguing, public access and circulation modules.
  • Complying with all NEOS standards, principles and guidelines.
  • Complying with all additional technological requirements determined by the Consortium and the University of Alberta.

Participating in the Technical Services and Access Services Committees, and any other Working Groups as required.

Further information on the benefits and obligations of NEOS membership is available from the NEOS Office.

Application Process

Information is provided in response to an enquiry about membership in the consortium, to assist a library in deciding whether to apply for membership in NEOS. Once a formal application is received, an Application Assessment Task Force is formed by the NEOS Executive to consider the application. An initial screening is carried out and applications that are successful at this stage proceed to a full evaluation. The Application Assessment Task Force consults with Information Technology Services at the University of Alberta and, as warranted, other NEOS members with specific expertise. A site visit is conducted and a brief summary of the application is prepared and sent to NEOS Directors for response. If necessary, a special meeting of NEOS Directors is called to discuss the application. The Task Force makes its recommendation with supporting documentation to the NEOS Executive and the Executive makes a decision to approve or reject the application.

Detailed information on the application process is available from the NEOS Office.