NEOS Early History & Chronology


  • The University of Alberta invites libraries in the Edmonton area to meet for the purpose of planning the development of an information consortium


  • Some provincial and federal government and hospital libraries from the Edmonton area meet in March, 1992 to develop a framework for partnership
  • The University of Alberta Library Automation Committee assesses library automation systems
  • Potential NEOS members meet to discuss the non-system benefits of NEOS such as resource sharing, improved services for library patrons, shared costs and opportunities for staff development
  • DRA is selected as the library automation system in the Fall of 1992
  • Models of contracts are discussed with NEOS libraries
  • Governance issues for NEOS are discussed
  • Potential members are asked to provide a letter of firm commitment by November 1992


  • University of Alberta implements DRA
  • DRA Quintet appointed, January 20, 1993
  • Draft of the Integrated Library Systems Services Agreement is presented to NEOS Libraries in March 1993
  • Document Delivery Service Trial Project: May 1, 1993 – November 1, 1993
  • University of Alberta begins cataloguing in DRA on July 2, 1993
  • Catalogue Naming Celebration, July 23, 1993
  • Circulation System running in production, August 23, 1993
  • Dr. Lois Stanford turns on The Gate, August 27, 1993
  • Order of DRA implementation for NEOS Libraries decided in September 1993
  • DRA Implementation Teams formed – NEOS library representatives are asked to sit on implementation teams


  • Integrated Library Systems Services Agreements signed between the University of Alberta and individual NEOS libraries
  • The first non University of Alberta record is entered into The Gate, catalogued by Jane Starr of AB Agriculture
  • November 1, 1994, seventeen libraries sign a Memorandum of Understanding
  • NEOS Executive formed
  • Appointment of NEOS Coordinator Donna Brockmeyer-Klebaum, November 1994


  • InfoGate implemented at NEOS libraries
  • First Annual General Meeting, March 10, 1995
  • Pilot Delivery Service (Bin Service) instituted to NEOS Libraries
  • NEOS Listserv (neos-l) started
  • Name changed from Networking Edmonton’s Online Services to NEOS Library Consortium


  • NEOS develops a Strategic Plan for the years 1996-1998
  • Red Deer College joins NEOS
  • Pauline Rennick appointed as NEOS Manager
  • NEOS becomes a charter member of The Alberta Library


  • NEOS makes the decision to consider for membership libraries which would not share the DRA integrated catalogue
  • Canadian University College joins NEOS
  • NEOS represented on The Alberta Library Executive
  • NEOS financial structure is revised. NEOS adopts a funding formula wherein annual assessments are based on size of library
  • NEOS defines its governance structure
  • Serials Module implemented in some NEOS libraries


  • Circulation Request Function implemented
  • Acquisitions Module implemented in some NEOS libraries
  • Olds College joins NEOS
  • NEOS adopts a 5 year financial plan


  • Fairview College joins NEOS
  • Grant MacEwan College becomes the first member to join NEOS for non-system related benefits only (i.e. chooses not to share the DRA integrated catalogue)
  • Newman Theological College joins NEOS
  • New Memorandum of Understanding signed effective September 30, 1999
  • Alberta Human Resources and Employment joins NEOS
  • NEOS’ Fifth Anniversary


  • Alberta Geological Survey Library (Energy and Utilities Board) joins NEOS
  • NEOS begins to participate in Consortia Canada and ICOLC activities
  • NEOS continues to offer consortial subscriptions
  • NEOS Manager appointed as Vice-Chair of The Alberta Library Executive
  • NEOS offers the first one day Mini-Conference for staff of NEOS libraries.


  • NEOS libraries agree to implement a direct connection by each NEOS library to the BARD in order to improve the speed and efficiency of physical document delivery among NEOS libraries
  • A number of NEOS libraries, in all sectors, install Ariel work stations to improve the speed and quality of electronic document delivery
  • The PAC Request Function (patron initiated request) is implemented.
  • NEOS libraries approve a Strategic Plan for 2001-2004
  • NEOS libraries approve a Financial Plan for 2002/03 to 2004/05
  • Grande Prairie Regional College joins NEOS
  • Alberta Government Library formed resulting in the amalgamation of membership of several member libraries
  • NEOS continues to offer consortial subscriptions to electronic resources and a discounted consortial purchase for CISTI articles begins


  • The Collection Development Task Force participates in a pre-conference at CLA on collaborative collection development.
  • NEOS libraries, in partnership with the U of A and the Edmonton Public Library, participate in implementation teams to migrate jointly to Sirsi Unicorn
  • A number of NEOS libraries become members of OCLC
  • “Sharing Our Strengths”, a collection development workshop, is held in October


  • Pauline Rennick leaves NEOS for a position with University of Alberta Museums and Collections and Anne Carr-Wiggin is appointed as NEOS Manager
  • NEOS staff members receive ILS training in a variety of locations
  • Sirsi Unicorn goes live in June. NEOS working groups and Sirsi implementation teams continue to work with staff as they adapt to the new ILS
  • The redesigned NEOS website goes live in October
  • NEOS Communications Plan developed


  • A consortial subscription to CISTI Source is secured. Other electronic resource initiatives continue.
  • A joint contract for courier service is negotiated on behalf of several NEOS members
  • Augustana University College becomes a faculty of the University of Alberta
  • Fairview College partners with NAIT and leaves NEOS
  • Lakeland College joins NEOS
  • NEOS Office moves from University of Alberta Learning Systems Enterprises to University of Alberta Libraries
  • NEOS’ 10th Anniversary