NEOS Conference 2021

The conference is for the staff of NEOS member libraries, and registration is free.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Called to Act: Decolonizing Description Beyond Consultation
Gisele Ramgoolam & Brian Stearns

Implementing subject headings that are more respectful of Indigenous peoples and topics is one of NEOS’s strategic priorities. Learn about the work that the Decolonizing Description Working Group has already accomplished and what remains to be done.

Time for a Reboot : Updating the Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians
Lisa Shamchuk & Norene Erickson

With support from the CFLA, we are currently updating the Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians. While the project will not formally finish until 2022, we will talk about some of our preliminary findings and discuss with attendees how the role of the library technician is changing and how education can adapt to help support the evolution of the role. Bring your ideas and stories about your experiences working within NEOS libraries!

Developing Graduate Education Students’ Metacognition Regarding Citing and Their Use of Citations: The Value of Podcasts
Debbie Feisst & Virginia Pow

How might we use podcasts as an element of an integrated approach to instruction to develop students’ metacognition regarding their understanding and use of citations?

What are the Effective Strategies in Business Library Instruction? A Systematic Review
Céline Gareau-Brennan & Janice Kung

This presentation will walk through a systematic review investigating the effectiveness of library instruction (with a focus on pedagogy) in business undergraduate and graduate programs

CUE Library’s eTextbook Pilot Project
Myrna Dean

In Fall 2020, Concordia Library ran a pilot project to provide students with ebook copies of their textbooks through Library ebook vendors. Hear about the process, triumphs, and struggles.

Assessing Library Site Value and Client Satisfaction During a Global Pandemic
Kathryn Tippell-Smith, Jeanette Blanchard 

AHS’ Knowledge Resource Service embarked on a unique path to assess client use and satisfaction of library spaces while libraries were temporarily closed due to Covid-19. Learn what the process entailed, successes and take-aways, and how the results have influenced strategic planning for the future.

Library Guide Assessment: an In-Depth Look at Science, Engineering and Business Subject Guides

Natasha Nunn, Alison Henry, Virginia Pow, Patti Sherbaniuk & Lauren Stieglitz

Library guides are widely used to organize and share information, but how useful are they to our users? This presentation will describe our completed quantitative assessment of library guide usage data and share plans for a qualitative assessment.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

Using the Internet Archive: To Find Things, to Store Things and to Digitize
Sarah Severson

In this session about the Internet Archive we’ll explore what kinds of resources are available in the Internet Archive and talk about how your library might want to use it as a repository or for digitization.

Teaching Them to Fish: A Structured Consultation Scheme for Teaching Synthesis Review Searching for Graduate Students in Nursing

Megan Kennedy

Advanced searching for systematic and scoping reviews is increasingly expected of graduate students in the Faculty of Nursing. This consultation scheme aims to increase students’ confidence and capability in completing complex searches and help manage librarian workload related to systematic search support.

The Book Vault – The Story of a Prison Library
Karen Cook-Newbury & Camille Bultena

Learn how a prison library went from books on a shelf to a fully functioning educational library.

Pandemic Sharing: How COVID-19 Helped us Demonstrate the Value of Collaboration
Anne Carr-Wiggin, Lana Thompson, Scott Davies & Elaine Coupland

NEOS libraries via the Access Services Committee responded to the radically changed pandemic world by configuring systems and spaces to bring physical collections to their borrowers. Learn how they worked together to maximize the collaborative power of NEOS, minimize their clients’ pandemic stress and maximize consortial value!

Adapting University of Alberta Library Collections to New Budget Realities in 2020
Cam Laforest & Sarah Polkinghorne

Learn how the University of Alberta’s Collection Strategies Unit planned and worked through a year of reductions to acquisitions, staff, and services.

Demand-Driven Acquisition: It’s Not New, it’s Flexible, and it Works! 
Alison Pitcher, Roxy Garstad, Sandy Stift, Michael Betmanis & Sarah Polkinghorne

NEOS libraries have been using Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) as part of their collections development strategy for over a decade. DDA has moved well beyond a pilot project to being a mature, stable approach to collecting ebooks. Collections librarians from the University of Alberta and MacEwan University will talk about different approaches to DDA in their libraries, highlighting pandemic and budget-driven strategies and changes.


Alison Henry  (she/her) is an Engineering Librarian at the University of Alberta.

Anne Carr-Wiggin is the Manager of the NEOS Library Consortium and also coordinates Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Alberta Library. These two professional arenas underpin her interest in collaboration and good relations in library services.

Brian Stearns is the monographs cataloguing librarian at the University of Alberta. In this role, he is responsible for authority control, and is also the current chair of the American Library Association’s Subject Analysis Committee. He is a co-chair of the Decolonizing Description Working Group.

Céline Gareau-Brennan is a Business Librarian at the Cameron Sciences, Engineering, & Business Library at the University of Alberta. Through her work in both academic and public libraries, as well as her graduate studies (a combined MBA and MLIS), she developed an awareness and passion for instruction, assessment, and business research.

Cam Laforest is a Collection Strategies Librarian at University of Alberta Library, where he has been a member of the Collection Strategies Unit since 2016. He has worked closely on acquisitions of material, as well as the management of the existing physical resources that comprise the Library’s collections.

Camille Bultena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Concordia University of Edmonton, and is currently working on her MLIS at the University of Alberta. She works as a Library Assistant with NorQuest College, and for the last several months has collaborated on the FSCC Prison Project.

Debbie Feisst is a Librarian at the University of Alberta with a specialization in Education & Humanities. She enjoys listening to and making music and is a rabid Weezer fan.

Gisele Ramgoolamis a Library Technician at NorQuest College. As well as cataloguing, Gisele chairs the Collection Development Team at NorQuest, and assists students at the library desk and via chat reference. She is a co-chair of the Decolonizing Description Working Group.

Janice Kung is a Health Sciences Librarian at the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library, University of Alberta. Her experience in academic librarianship has allowed her to hone her expertise and curiosity for systematic review searching, measuring research impact, and data visualization.

Jeanette Blanchard is a Team Lead for Knowledge Resource Service. She previously worked as a Librarian for KRS at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. She holds a Masters of Information from University of Toronto, with a specialization in Book History and Print Culture. Her research interests include evidence literacy education for healthcare professionals, and the science behind the perfect latte art.

Karen Cook-Newbury holds a Master of Education and has been a full-time faculty member with NorQuest College’s Correctional Education department for the last seven years. She is an academic upgrading instructor at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre, as well as the literacy and library coordinator for both the FSCC and the Edmonton Remand Centre.

Kathryn Tippell-Smith is currently a Team Lead with the Knowledge Resource Service at Alberta Health Services and prior was a Librarian with KRS at the Holy Cross Centre. Her Master of Information is from the University of Toronto and she has previously worked for the Ontario Medical Association, Bayer Canada and University of Toronto Libraries. She has a special interest in Health Systems Research. Since moving to Calgary in 2017 her hobbies now include incurring slip and fall injuries while chasing after her 5 year old daughter and corgi.

Lana Thompson is the Acting Manager of Library Services at MacEwan University Library and the Chair of the NEOS Access Services Committee.  Previous to working at MacEwan, Lana worked for over twenty years at Fort McMurray Public Library.  The common thread of her career aligns with her passion of providing excellent library service to students, faculty, staff and the public.

Lauren Stieglitz (she/her) is a Science Librarian at the University of Alberta.

Lisa Shamchuk an assistant professor at MacEwan University, teaching courses in areas such as collection development, reference and public service, cataloguing and library technologies for the Library and Information Technology program. 

Megan Kennedy is a librarian with the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library at the University of Alberta Library. She is the liaison librarian for the Faculty of Nursing and the Division of Geriatric Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Michael Betmanis is a cataloguer at the University of Alberta. He works on the Monographs Team which is responsible for cataloguing all print and electronic monographic material. A large aspect of his job is the bulk loading of ebook records into the Sirsi catalogue for many of the NEOS libraries.

Myrna Dean is the Technical Services Coordinator at Concordia University of Edmonton Library. She thinks she has the best job in the library: buying books and spreadsheets! In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, running, craft beer, and audiobooks.

Natasha Nunn (she/her)  is a web developer at the University of Alberta Library. She is particularly interested in usability and accessibility.

Norene Erickson is an assistant professor at MacEwan and has been teaching within the LIT program for 16 years. Her past research has been on the changing role of the library technician and more currently has been writing and presenting on the emotional labour of library work.

Patti Sherbaniuk (she/her) is an ALES (Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences) Librarian and former Business Librarian at the University of Alberta.

Sarah Polkinghorne (she/her) works at the University of Alberta, where she’s a librarian with the Collection Strategies Unit, and a lecturer with the School of Library and Information Studies. 

Sarah Severson is a Digital Projects Librarian at the University of Alberta Library living in amiskwaciy-wâskahikan (Edmonton) on Treaty 6 and Métis territory. She works as part of a team that supports the Library’s open journal and educational resources publishing program and digital production services which includes digitization.

Scott Davies is the ILS Application Support Specialist for all things under the hood of circulation – things like checkout policies, billing structures, hold/recall behaviours, and user record maintenance. He began this role in May 2020 after a combined 14 years in public services and cataloguing, all at the University of Alberta Library.

Virginia Pow (she/her) is currently an Engineering and Science Librarian at the University of Alberta. She adores working with students and faculty, and when not at work, prefers to opt outdoors.