The 2012 NEOS Miniconference was held Friday, June 8 at the Robbins Health Learning Centre, Grant MacEwan University City Centre Campus, 109 Street and 104 Avenue. Program details are available below.

Keynote: Leadership in Libraries: Kathleen De Long, Associate University Librarian, Human Resources and Teaching/Learning, University of Alberta

Integrated Library System Update: Sandra Shores, Associate University Librarian, Bibliographic and Information Technology Services, University of Alberta Libraries

1A: Leadership in Libraries: A Panel Discussion: Kathleen De Long, University of Alberta, Karen Hildebrandt, Concordia University College
A panel discussion on leadership roles in libraries for staff at all levels.

1B: Harnessing Student Knowledge to Improve the Library Website: Tara Stieglitz, Martina King, Cherie Coffee, Grant MacEwan University.
Science librarians were approached by an instructor in the Department of Computer Science at Grant MacEwan University regarding a student project to evaluate the usability of the library website, This session will describe some of the advantages and best practices for partnering with faculty and students, as well as some of the outcomes of the project.

1C: The Deakin Refiew of Children’s Literature: Debbie Feisst, Kim Frail and Amy Paterson, University of Alberta
The Deakin Review of Childten’s Literature is an electronic quarterly review of contemporary English language materials of interest to childrena nd young adults. We will discuss osting this type of journal on the Open Journal System platform as well as how we organized the editorial and reviewer teams. Finally we will talk about next steps and future directions for the DRCL.

2A: Introduction to Google Analytics: Kenton Good and WeiWei Shi, University of Alberta
Ever wonder how many users are accessing your library website using an iPhone? How much time they are spending on our screencast tutorials? Which websites are driving traffic to your library website? This session will show you how to set up Google Analytics on your website and make the most of the product to answer all these questions.

2B: Get Active! Using Actice learning ACtivities During First Year Information Liteacey Sessions: Lisa Shamchuk and Leah Townsend, Grant MacEwan University
MacEwan library recently revamped their introductory English information literacy sessions to include active learning techniques and activities. This session will: discuss the importance of including active learning techniques in IL, preset the IL manual used by the teaching team to tailor sessions to their own style as well as the particular class, and allow participants to try out numerous active learning activities.

2C: Help! Get Me Out of the Box – Creative Thining for the Library Context: Jenna Innes and Maria-Elizabeth Vicente, Concordia University College
Come and learn about creativity and how you can apply this wonderful concept in your own library setting.

3A: SIS Student Presentations

Tattooing Your Collection: QR Codes in the Library: Maria Tan, MLIS Candidate, University of Alberta
Quick Response (QR) codes are no longer just for commercial advertising! This session will demonstrate how QR codes can enhance user access to information and resources. Participants will be introduced to the process of generating QR codes, retrieving linked resources, and hear about some innovative uses in the library field.

The Use of Internal Blogs for Knowledge Sharing in Academic Libraries: Eric Forcier, MLIS Candidate, University of Alberta
Through semi-structured interviews with five librarians at Grant MacEwan University Library, this pilot study examines the current use of blogs by academic librarians for internal communication. Finding suggest that blogs are underused for the purposes of internal communication, despite evidence of regular use by participants in both work and recreational contexts. Analysis of results provides an explanation for why blogs have not proven entirely successful in this case.

3B: Community Librarianship: A Prison Library Story: Valla McLean and Maritna King, Grant MacEwan University, Masha Ribich, Edmonton Publci Library
Join three GELA Women’s Prison Sub-Committee members as they discuss ways in which librarians can bring their knowledge, abilities and passion to the broader community.

3C: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – NEOS Style: Karen Hildebrandt, Concordia University College and Bonita Bjornson, King’s University College
Think you know everything there is to know about Circulation? Come test your knowledge at “Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – NEOS Style – with your co-hosts Bonita and Karen!

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