Feds at Your Fingertips

Have the Feds at Your Fingertips: An Afternoon of Canadian Government Resources (and especially statistics!)

March 15, 2010, University of Alberta

The responses to our public service workshop questionnaire were overwhelming – federal government resources and especially statistics PLEASE! So we’ve heeded the call by crafting an afternoon dedicated to navigating federal publications. Join University of Alberta librarians Amanda Wakaruk (Government Documents) and Anna Bombak (Data) as they introduce the federal publishing process, share tips on fielding those ubiquitous “government policy” questions using executive branch publications, explore the Statistics Canada web site, and unearth frequently-requested statistics (including the Census). Not sure what the Executive Branch is? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Government Information (PowerPoint Presentation)
Amanda Wakaruk, University of Alberta

Statistics Canada (PowerPoint Presentation)
Anna Bombak, University of Alberta