Cataloguing training day

CAB, University of Alberta, June 10, 2010 Cataloguing of non-book material (Presenter: Brian Stearns) This session will focus on ways that cataloguing non-book material differs from typical book cataloguing, such as specific MARC fields that are used in cataloguing different formats, differences in physical descriptions, and required or important notes. The session will cover the formats that libraries are most likely to encounter–videorecordings, sound recordings, and maps.

Authority control (Presenters: Sharon Marshall, Marian Leblanc) This session will focus on how authorities are validated in our system, what to do when an authority is not validated, what to do when Library and Archives Canada and Library of Congress have different established headings for the same thing, and how to confirm that an authority in a record is correct.

Changes between AACR2 and RDA (Presenter: Brian Stearns) This session will focus on major changes between AACR2 and RDA, with emphasis on specific examples of changes caused by the new standard and new MARC fields that will be used. There will be a short break during this session.