Neos-l and Other Lists

The Neos-l list facilitates communication among NEOS member libraries and staff. Neos-l is a private list created for and limited to the staff of NEOS member libraries.

Sending a message to the list

To post a message to all of the list members send an email to

Subscribe, Unsubscribe and access the Archives

The Neos-l Information Page is the place to subscribe to the Neos-l list, unsubscribe from the Neos-l list and to access the archives (from May 2008 on). Only list members may access the archives.


The List Administrator is responsible for approving subscription requests and resolving any problems associated with the list. The list administrator can be contacted at

Anne Carr-Wiggin, the NEOS Manager, is the current list administrator.

Other NEOS Lists

The Access Services Committee and Technical Services Committee also host lists for the member library representatives serving on those committees.

For information on those lists please contact Anne Carr-Wiggin or the committee Chairs.